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    Shenzhen TSD Laser Equipment Co., Ltd.

    Shenzhen TSD Laser Equipment Co., Ltd. is a high-tech enterprise specializing in manufacturing automatic cutting equipment. The company takes technological innovation as the premise, constantly improves product quality, and is committed to providing customers with reliable products and perfect after-sales service.

    The company's goal: to provide professional non-metallic cutting solutions for the industrial manufacturing field. On this basis, relying on bit by bit and persistent hard pursuit, the company will develop into a world-class large-scale automation equipment development manufacturer.

    Create value, customer's success is our success!

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    Contact Us

      Tel: 13760495407

      Fax: 0755-29609023

      Mobile: 13760495407

      E-mail: sztsd@qq.com

      QQ: 2503171218

      WeChat: 13760495407

      Add: No. H Building, Shasi Hi-tech Science Park, Xisha Rd., Shajing St., 518104, Bao’an Dis., Shenzhen, China

      QQ: 2503171218 sztsd@qq.com
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